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In this section you will find the groups and individuals responsible for the Objectives on As we work to eradicate a legacy of injustice in our country, seeks to make actionable information available to the activists and researchers who are working to make the landscape of American life a fair representation of the great diversity that built and sustains our country. Racist places, statues, monuments, school names and mascots are counterproductive to that goal.

There were several initiators that influenced the decisions to name our institutions and other locations and objects with the names of known traitors to the United States, racists, slave owners and narratives aimed at misleading the American public by rewriting parts of the history of our country. Only by fully understanding and confronting the motivations and forces that pushed municipalities, school districts and politicians to support naming initiatives that championed values contrary to American values, can we work to effect positive change.

To successfully advocate for change, we must understand the motives of the people and organizations who pushed through the building, naming, ceremonies and holidays paying homage to unworthy role models and promoting unfair and amoral ideals. A small but determined group of special, even single interest groups proposed, funded and created the thousands of items on our site. These groups and individuals held a single objective; to win in the public consciousness and in public education what they could not win on the battlefield, a victory for the Southern slave-holding states and the restoration of the image of the Confederacy.

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